Cognizant Major League Cricket Announces Global Broadcast

Cognizant Major League Cricket

Dallas, TX (June 26, 2024) — Cognizant Major League Cricket (MLC), America’s own T20 league, has announced a landmark broadcast schedule that will see the second season air in millions of households worldwide.

The opening match is on Friday, July 5th, with a Championship rematch between 2023 inaugural winners MI New York and the Seattle Orcas in Morrisville, NC. It will be followed by the Texas Super Kings vs. LA Knight Riders at Grand Prairie Stadium, TX, later that evening.

Cognizant Major League Cricket’s broadcast partners are as follows:

  • USA: Willow by Cricbuzz, YES Network and more RSNs to be announced
  • Canada: Willow by Cricbuzz
  • Australia and New Zealand: Prime Video
  • Middle East and North Africa: Cricbuzz
  • Pakistan: A Sports
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: ESPN
  • UK and Ireland: TNT Sports
  • India: Fancode
  • Carribean: To be announced

Cognizant Major League Cricket (CMLC), the highly anticipated cricket league set to revolutionize the sport in the United States, has unveiled its array of broadcast partners ahead of its inaugural season. The league aims to capture the attention of cricket enthusiasts worldwide, with strategic partnerships across key regions.

In the United States, cricket aficionados can catch the action on Willow by Cricbuzz, along with the YES Network, with additional Regional Sports Networks (RSNs) set to join the lineup soon. Canadian viewers will also enjoy comprehensive coverage on Willow by Cricbuzz, ensuring access to all the league’s thrilling moments.

Down under, Prime Video has secured broadcasting rights for Australia and New Zealand, promising an immersive viewing experience for fans in the region. Meanwhile, cricket enthusiasts in the Middle East and North Africa can tune in via Cricbuzz, amplifying the league’s reach across these cricket-loving territories.

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In Pakistan, A Sports will be the go-to platform for fans eager to follow their favorite teams and players in CMLC. Sub-Saharan Africa, known for its passionate cricket following, will have comprehensive coverage on ESPN, ensuring that no thrilling moment is missed.

Across the pond, viewers in the UK and Ireland can catch all the action on TNT Sports, underscoring the league’s commitment to reaching global audiences.

In India, where cricket is a national obsession, Fancode will be the exclusive broadcaster of Cognizant Major League Cricket, promising extensive coverage and analysis for millions of cricket fans.

While the league has secured broadcasting partnerships in several regions, the Caribbean broadcast partner is yet to be announced. The anticipation builds as cricket enthusiasts in this region await news of how they can follow CMLC’s action-packed matches.

Cognizant Major League Cricket promises to elevate the sport to new heights with its inaugural season, bringing together top talent from around the globe in a thrilling showcase of cricketing prowess. Stay tuned for further updates on the league’s broadcast partners as CMLC prepares to kick off its first season.

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