Top 10 Most Run Scorer in T20I Cricket in 2024

Top 10 Most Run Scorer in T20I Cricket in 2024

The year 2024 has been a phenomenal one for T20 International (T20I) cricket, with several players delivering outstanding performances. Let’s take a look at the top run-scorers who have lit up the T20I stage with their batting prowess.

Check out the Cricket T20I match batting most runs for the year 2024:

PlayerRunsInningsHigh ScoreStrike Rate
Kendel Kadowaki-Fleming (JPN)52912109*159.33
Babar Azam (PAK)5021375141.40
Sabaorish Ravichandran (JPN)4321386*158.24
Babar Hayat (HKG)41715110150.00
Nizakat Khan (HKG)4101681134.86
Anshuman Rath (HKG)3951672*130.79
Abdul Waheed (KSA)3921099151.93
Mohammad Rizwan (PAK)3831190*133.91
Fakhar Zaman (PAK)3731078160.08
Muhammad Waseem (UAE)37110100162.00
Highest Run Scorers in T20I Cricket 2024

1. Kendel Kadowaki-Fleming (Japan)

  • Runs: 529
  • Innings: 12
  • High Score: 109*
  • Strike Rate: 159.33

Kendel Kadowaki-Fleming has been the standout performer in T20I cricket this year. With an impressive total of 529 runs from 12 innings, his aggressive batting has been pivotal for Japan. His highest score of 109* and a strike rate of 159.33 demonstrate his ability to score quickly and effectively.

2. Babar Azam (Pakistan)

  • Runs: 502
  • Innings: 13
  • High Score: 75
  • Strike Rate: 141.40

Pakistan’s skipper, Babar Azam, continues to showcase his class and consistency. Amassing 502 runs in 13 innings, Babar’s technique and leadership have been crucial for Pakistan. His highest score of 75 and a strike rate of 141.40 highlight his balanced approach to T20 cricket.

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3. Sabaorish Ravichandran (Japan)

  • Runs: 432
  • Innings: 13
  • High Score: 86*
  • Strike Rate: 158.24

Another prolific scorer for Japan, Sabaorish Ravichandran has accumulated 432 runs in 13 innings. His highest score of 86* and a strike rate of 158.24 underline his capability to anchor the innings while maintaining a brisk scoring rate.

4. Babar Hayat (Hong Kong)

  • Runs: 417
  • Innings: 15
  • High Score: 110
  • Strike Rate: 150.00

Babar Hayat from Hong Kong has been a key player for his team, scoring 417 runs across 15 innings. His highest score of 110 and a strike rate of 150.00 reflect his dynamic batting style, which has often put the opposition on the back foot.

5. Nizakat Khan (Hong Kong)

  • Runs: 410
  • Innings: 16
  • High Score: 81
  • Strike Rate: 134.86

Nizakat Khan has also been a significant contributor for Hong Kong, with 410 runs in 16 innings. His highest score of 81 and a strike rate of 134.86 indicate his reliability and ability to score crucial runs for his team.

6. Anshuman Rath (Hong Kong)

  • Runs: 395
  • Innings: 16
  • High Score: 72*
  • Strike Rate: 130.79

Another consistent performer for Hong Kong, Anshuman Rath has scored 395 runs in 16 innings. His highest score of 72* and a strike rate of 130.79 highlight his steady contributions throughout the year.

7. Abdul Waheed (Saudi Arabia)

  • Runs: 392
  • Innings: 10
  • High Score: 99
  • Strike Rate: 151.93

Abdul Waheed from Saudi Arabia has had a remarkable year, scoring 392 runs in just 10 innings. His highest score of 99 and a strike rate of 151.93 showcase his explosive batting ability and match-winning potential.

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8. Mohammad Rizwan (Pakistan)

  • Runs: 383
  • Innings: 11
  • High Score: 90*
  • Strike Rate: 133.91

Mohammad Rizwan has been a vital cog in Pakistan’s batting lineup, with 383 runs in 11 innings. His highest score of 90* and a strike rate of 133.91 underline his importance in providing stability and momentum to the innings.

9. Fakhar Zaman (Pakistan)

  • Runs: 373
  • Innings: 10
  • High Score: 78
  • Strike Rate: 160.08

Fakhar Zaman has made significant contributions for Pakistan, scoring 373 runs in 10 innings. His highest score of 78 and an impressive strike rate of 160.08 highlight his aggressive batting approach.

10. Muhammad Waseem (UAE)

  • Runs: 371
  • Innings: 10
  • High Score: 100
  • Strike Rate: 162.00

Muhammad Waseem from the UAE rounds out the top performers with 371 runs in 10 innings. His highest score of 100 and an exceptional strike rate of 162.00 demonstrate his ability to score quickly and significantly impact the game.


The year 2024 has seen some spectacular batting performances in T20I cricket. From established stars like Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan to emerging talents like Kendel Kadowaki-Fleming and Abdul Waheed, these players have thrilled fans with their exceptional skills and memorable innings. As the year progresses, it will be exciting to see how these batsmen continue to shape the T20I landscape.